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Celebrating the talent of
The Nation’s Oldest City’s
vibrant creative community
St. Augustine, Florida, USA

(Times are in US East Coast Zone, St. Augustine, Florida)

FRIDAY   May 15 

  • 7:25 PM Home Stream Portal opens 
  • 7:30 PM “Shell Shock” starring Tim Marriott



ACT 1: 10 am, repeats at 10 pm

  • St. Augustine Community Chorus and
    The St. Augustine Youth Chorus
  • SJCCA Dance Collective at St. Augustine High School
    Kaila Schippani, Director
  • Astralis Chamber Ensemble


ACT 2: 11:15 am, repeats at 11:15 pm

  • RareSong Early Music Ensemble
  • Island Duet
  • SJCCA Dance Collective, St. Augustine High School
    Kaila Schippani, Director
  • David Fussell, Florida Storytelling Troupe
    “Cousins Visit St. Augustine, 1892”


ACT 3: 12:35 pm, repeats at 12:35 am

  • Saint Augustine Concert Band
  • Margaret Kaler, Florida Storytelling Troupe
    “Tourist Trap”
  • Blue Lotus World Dance
    “Double Sword Dance” – Gina Marie and Sandra
  • Matanzas Tap
    “Blues in the Night”
  • Ray McDonald
    Demonstration and Recital on the Aeolian Skinner Organ
    Memorial Presbyterian Church


ACT 4: 1:45 pm, repeats at 1:45 am

  • First Coast Opera Highlights
  • Ancient City Poets
    Chris Bodor, Kimmy Van Kooten, Robert Waldner and Sam Pacetti on guitar
  • David Fussell – Florida Storytelling Troupe
    “Country Love”
  • North Florida Women’s Chorale
    Kerry Fradley, Director


ACT 5: 3:10 pm, repeats at 3:10 am

  • Rhythm Theory Tap Ensemble
  • Deux Saisons: Keri Lee Pierson and Christopher Schoelen
    Concert of Spanish and American Music: Soprano and Guitar
  • Margaret Kaler – Florida Storytelling Troupe
    Story: Sea Witch
  • Astralis Chamber Ensemble
    “Concertino” by Dorff


ACT 6: 4:20 pm, repeats at 4:20 am

  • Honey Burton & Robert DeRochemont – dancing the tango
  • Kathy Kniery – Florida Storytelling Troupe
    Stories: “The Trial of the Pine Tree Stump”
    “The Legend of the Moss”
  • Sposi Cantanti: Singing Spouses
    with Leila Warren, violin
  • A Classic Theatre – Harolyn Sharpe Monologue
    with music by Dennis Fermin


ACT 7: 6:00 pm, repeats at 6:00 am

  • Sam Pacetti, Guitar
  • Dennis Fermin, Spanish Guitar
  • Mama Blue


SUNDAY  May 17

(Times are in US East Coast Zone, St. Augustine, Florida)

Celtic Bands 

10:00 AM Jamison, from Philadelphia, repeating at 4:50 pm and 11:42 pm

10:56 AM Dublin City Ramblers, from Ireland, repeating at 5:42 pm and 12:34 am

12:25 PM Steel City Rovers, from Hamilton Ontario, repeating at 7:11 pm and 2:03 am

1:03 PM Emish, from New York, repeating at 7:49 pm and 2:41 am

2:03 PM SYR, from South Carolina, repeating at 8:48 pm and 3:41 am

2:22 PM Seven Nations, from California, Toronto, & Florida, repeating at 9:08 pm and 4:00 am

3:59 PM Albannach, Scotland, repeating at 10:45 pm and 5:31 am


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