If YOU Love The ARTS…

St. Augustine’s Romanza Festivale of MUSIC and The Arts
is two weeks of daily events including
75+ concerts, shows, exhibits and much more
at locations throughout the city.
Showcasing productions by dozens of St. Augustine’s
talented Arts and Cultural nonprofit organizations.
Many events are free.
May 1st to May 17th 
in “America’s Most Romantic City”.

Events Calendars

You’ll find many fascinating and wonderful experiences here in St. Augustine during Romanza’s Festivale of Music & the Arts, May 1-17, 2020!

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Walt Whitman

“All music is what awakes within us when we are reminded by the instruments;
It is not the violins or the clarinets, it is not the beating of the drums;
Nor the score of the baritone singing his sweet romanza;
not that of the men’s chorus,
 nor that of the women’s chorus;

It is nearer and farther than they”

― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass