1979, on a beach in Brazil, a drowning man faces his past…


“We cannot ignore this tale. It is a legacy we ought to be sharing with our children…
Such is the power of good theatre done well.”

Fringe Review

When: Tuesday May 12 and Wednesday May 13, 2020 – 7:30PM
Where: Virginia Room, Flagler College Student Union

Romanza is privileged to bring the extraordinary talent, Tim Marriott, and his production Mengele to Festivale 2020.  Marriott, a UK citizen, is best known for seven series of BBC TV’s leisure center sitcom, The Brittas Empire, appearing in every episode as deputy manager, Gavin.  Other TV credits include Allo Allo, Doctors, The Bill, An Actor’s Life for me and many others.  His film credits include the forthcoming features:  The Real Thing, Love Type D and Revelation.  

His play, Mengele, which he authored and in which he stars, imagines the notorious doctor of Auschwitz on the beach where he drowned while taking his morning swim in 1979, where he is confronted by the person that he thinks has saved him.  Flattered by this enigmatic presence, he attempts to justify his past and in doing so echoes the rhetoric of the present.  Director Tim Marriott says:  “We seem to be living in a time where anger and outrage are the common currency, and hatred and racism seem once more to be on the rise.”  …Auschwitz survivor Lydia Tischler’s words seem particularly apt: ‘The important thing is to remember so that this does not happen again for the potential for destructiveness is in all of us.”

Mr. Marriott’s production of Mengele was sold out for the entire duration of the Fringe Festival 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The Fringe Review said:  “We cannot ignore this tale and it is a legacy we ought to be sharing with our children…It scared me.  Such is the power of good theatre done well.”

Local actress, Lisa Black, will join Tim Marriott in this production.