Gamble Rogers

Gamble Rogers Music Festival
May 5-7

In 2017 Romanza is pleased to welcome the Gamble Rogers Music Festival, “The Heritage Music Festivale of St. Augustine”, as a new Romanza Festivale Partner.
GambleFest adds a new depth and dimension to the opening weekend of St. Augustine’s Romanza Festivale of the Arts

The 22nd annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival will take place May 5-7 at St. Augustine’s Colonial Quarter, 33 Saint George St., downtown St. Augustine. Four stages will feature local musicians, regional acts and national music groups. The festival honors the late James Gamble Rogers IV, a singer, songwriter, and storyteller who balanced a love of balladry and folk songs with a passion for the oral tradition and storytelling. Rogers was just hitting his peak when he died on October 10, 1991, trying to save a man from drowning. The recreational area in Flagler County, where the accident occurred, was later renamed the Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area. See the schedule and purchase tickets at